Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zombie Stores

The SpringFord area has become home to a new an interesting species of retail: The Zombie Store. Theses are stores which on the outside seem to be fully functioning businesses. In reality, they haven't been opened in years. The CD shop pictured above was open for a few months in 2000, then closed, never to reopen again. The Sprint store at least has a "This Sprint Store Closed" sign on the door, but otherwise looks to be open. Note that the display posters in each store' s window are faded to the point of blue.


No smog said...

Add the Genuardi's shopping center in Limerick to the list. Sadly, many have gone empty over the past year, including Gold's Gym and Citizens Bank.
- Mike Hays

Tim Mayer said...

Update: The Zombie Sprint Store has risen! I was just in there and a new Sprint has re-opened the store. It looks wonderful. No one seems to know what happened to the last owner; the rumor is that he just walked away.